Fun Facts ‘n Trivia Friday!

Did you know that Regis Philbin has announced that this is his final year on Live with Regis & Kelly!?!


Yes it is true. And no, that is NOT the fun fact of the day….as the title of this post may allude to.

However, his retirement got me to thinking, “What in the world is Regis going to do once he quits his morning show??”. Would he consider returning to the world of trivia in some big money give-a-way game show?

Are you following me here??

Not yet??

Well, THAT got me thinking about trivia and fun random facts, which got me thinking about DISNEY trivia and fun random facts, so I thought, “Hey! Wouldn’t it be fun to post some on my blog every week?”


So that is what I’m going to do! For your enjoyment and mine. (Although it may end up being only mine.) So here goes! Your first Fun Fact!

Did you know that the four vultures in The Jungle Book were animated to pay homage to the Beatles? Yes, indeed they were, and they where created with the intentions of also being voiced by the Beatles. However, John Lennon opposed the idea so the deal fell through, and Disney changed the song that the vultures performed to a barbershop quartet to make it timeless.

So there ya go! Now, if Regis does get a game show and the million dollar question is, “Who were the four vultures in The Jungle Book animated to pay homage to?” and YOU get it right because of my blog…could you pay off my mortgage with your winnings? Or maybe just treat me to a week vacation on the Disney Dream…that could work too. 😉

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