Disney is a Pet’s Best Friend!

This is Elizabeth.

Our “daughter”.

She’s silly.

We got her almost two years ago. She was a stray that was found by a family that Tim and I just happened to pass on an evening stroll.  They couldn’t keep her and wanted to find someone to take her in. Surprisingly, I was not the one to become initially attached. It was Tim. He held her and she dug her tiny little claws into his shirt. Tim looked at me with the same puppy dog eyes my son now gives me and said, “Look, she’s holding on. She wants to come home with us!”

And that is what she did. When we got into the car to head home I was thinking, “Oh no! What did we just get ourselves into???” But now I don’t know what we’d do without her. Elizabeth brings us so much joy!

(And spoiler alert! Our family is growing again! We are getting another little kitten in the middle of March!! Can’t wait!)

All that to be said, we know what it is like to have your pet feel just like a member of the family, and when we go to Disney, we do find ourselves sighing throughout the week, “I wonder what Elizabeth is doing? Do you think she’s missing us?”

Lucky for us, we have some amazing friends that come check on and take care of Elizabeth while we are gone. Plus, lets face it, cats are easy! Sometimes they prefer to be alone…have the house to themselves. But what about those families that don’t have someone to take care of their pets? Or they have pups that they hate to leave behind?

Well, of course, Walt Disney World has you covered!

They have their own, on property, Best Friends Pet Care! And from the looks of it, it seems like any animal would love to vacation there.

Your dog can stay in the lap of luxury in a standard room, all the way up to a Vacation Villa, complete with a flat screen TV and a turndown biscuit! For cats they have Kitty City, two and four-room condos kept safely away from the K-9 kind. They even board your “pocket pets” such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets!

So if a Disney vacation has been calling your name, but you are worried about those unwelcomed members of your family, check out Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World! Your pets deserve a Disney vacation too!

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