The Park March: You Choose!

So I have kind of a crazy/fun idea.

This just so happens to be the last Tuesday in February. That is just insane to me. We are already almost three months into year 2011 and that means in three more months I will be planning a one-year Birthday Bash for my bubs. Wow.

Anyhoo, with March quickly approaching, I was thinking of having a running blog theme throughout the entire month. I’ll call it, The Park March! All month long, take a stroll with me through one of the four main Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and I will stuff you full of all of the history, information, facts, and tips I can muster.

Here’s the crazy/fun part.

YOU get to choose which park you would like that to be!

You can choose your favorite park! You can choose the park you have never set foot in! You can choose the park that you know nothing about! The point is YOU get to choose! So take a minute and vote for the park you would like me to blog about every Tuesday in the month of March!

Thank you so much for your vote!

Tell all of your friends to vote, as well! The poll will end one week from today. I look forward to bringing you tons of up-to-date information on the park that gets the most votes. Come back next Tuesday to see which park won and for my first post of The Park March!


One thought on “The Park March: You Choose!

  1. I voted! Even though I know Magic Kingdom like the back of my hand, I can never hear mention of that park without my ears perking up and wanting to hear all about it again…. I love reading your blogs… and I love you!

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