Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: Trip Report

Fun Fact for the day….I’m in Walt Disney World!

Okay, so that may not be a Fun Fact to you, maybe it is, but it’s definitely fun to me!

A few weeks ago I posted about running in the Beauty and the Beast Royal Family 5k. Well the time is now and my running shoes are laced and ready! My mom and I hopped in the car this morning at an early 5:00am with one thing in mind, Disney or BUST!

We arrived right on time, according to our Australian-accented GPS, and snagged our Race Packet from Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. It included pre and post-race instructions, our number bibs and safety pins, a t-shirt, granola bar, and several promotional coupons, all tied up nicely in a lime green mesh backpack. We were so excited!

Next we decided to make the most of our day here, since we are planning on heading back home after we run tomorrow. First up, have lunch and then head to the pool. We are staying at AllStar Music.

After splashing around a bit, we jumped on the bus to Magic Kingdom and from there took the monorail to the Polynesian. We wanted to get some walking/jogging in tonight and we knew that there was a pretty nice path connecting the Polynesian and Grand Floridian that we could use to our advantage. We may have made some detours along the way… 😉

Now we are back at our hotel. We just finished dinner and I decided to give you guys a little trip report from the road. Sorry if this post doesn’t look at nice and neat as others. I’m having to blog from my iPhone. Thank goodness for iPhones, eh?

Welp, We are about to hit the sack because we have to be up to catch a bus to the starting line by 5:00 am. Wish us luck! We may need a little Pixie Dust to help us cross the finish line….we’ll see…

Sporting our race packets at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

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