Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: All Tiled Out

Here’s a fun fact for ya: Today at approximately 1:00pm, Tim and I decided to re-tile around our fireplace!

Okay, I know that is not a Disney fact, but I just had to share. Boy oh boy, what were we thinking? We’ve never tiled anything in our lives. However, I am happy to announce that it is now 12:05am and our fireplace looks miraculous in it’s makeover.

Yup, we did it.

And we’re proud of it.

And speaking of tiling, your Disney fun fact of the day is about just that!

Did you know that as you walk through Cinderella’s Castle towards Fantasyland, to the left are tiled murals depicting the entire story of Cinderella? Well, indeed there are, and they are even more magnificent than our newly tiled fireplace.

Comprised of one million tiles, all perfectly hand-cut and crafted, this mural is well worth a moment of your time in Magic Kingdom. Designed by Dorthea Redmond and brought to life by artist Hanns-Joachim Scharff, this amazing portrayal of the timeless Disney animated classic has glass tiles in approximately five hundred different colors, and even a few choice tiles cut from 14-karat gold! Fit for a princess, I would say. Though the murals stand at fifteen feet high and ten feet wide, they often go unnoticed as people quickly shuffle through the castle getting to where they want and need to be, and I consider it a sad thing indeed. They are just too beautiful to not be looked upon. So the next time you are in Magic Kingdom, take five minutes and enjoy the splendor of true artwork hidden inside the walls of Cinderella’s Castle.

As for me and my love, well we are all tiled out. Off to bed for us! Can’t wait to see you Tuesday for one last Park March!

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