Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: A Tragic Tower

Happy Friday! Time for some Disney trivia!

What is the name of the hotel that resides in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and is home to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

Are you looking back at old family pictures in front of the attraction?

Well, if you are, you would see and remember that it is The Hollywood Tower Hotel.

But did you also know that the eerie story of this ill-fated attraction is based on a true story?

Yes, indeed it is! Known simply as the Hollywood Tower, this Californian building was a retreat for many old Hollywood stars. It was an upscale hotel with extensive gardens and a snazzy lounge on the top floor where there was nightly big band music and dancing. The tragic event happened on a night in 1939. Some say it was on October 1st, others say it was Halloween night that the five unlucky hotel guests lost their lives. Among them were two aspiring actresses, one of them an upcoming child star, her nanny, a bell-hop, and the lover of the  second actress. Records show that the elevator was ascending when somewhere between the twelfth and fifteenth floors there was a small explosion that sent the elevator plummeting to the basement, killing all five passengers. It is said that those ghostly souls still walk the halls of that hotel and there have even been stories from custodial Disney Cast Members of sightings of a beautiful woman in a white dress seen wandering the attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, perhaps perusing the premises of the replica hotel where she, at too young an age, lost her life…



The trivia is true, but the rest is all heresay…or is it??? 😉



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