Drinking Your Way to Savings in WDW

This post was written in April of 2011. While still offering great info and tips, for updated pricing and information on WDW’s refillable mugs and their new system Rapid Fill, click here.

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What is one of the most fun ways to save money in Walt Disney World?

By buying souvenirs, of course!

So, not all souvenirs actually save you money, but one of them that does is the Disney Resort Souvenir Mug.

If you are staying on Disney property and are staying long enough to eat three or more meals there, you definitely need to purchase the souvenir mug. Food and drinks are pretty pricey in Disney, so this is a great and fun way to save money. After purchase, the mug allows you to obtain as many refills at your resort drink kiosk as you like for the remainder of your stay! And don’t think that just means sodas. Along with an array of regular and diet sodas, the kiosks also have decaf and regular coffee, hot chocolate, hot and iced teas, sports drinks, water, and more! They even have sinks for you to wash out your mugs in between selections.

Initially, each resort used to have their own unique refillable mug, but now every few years Disney comes out with a new design, in several colors, that all of the resorts sell collectively. They are always super cute and Tim and I love to get them not only because they are an asset on our trip, but we also love drinking our coffee-on-the-go out of them at home! They are truly souvenirs that we use over and over again.

Just a few of our resort mugs. Notice the worn Wilderness Lodge mug from when each resort had their own design! That is an old one, for sure.

This February Disney introduced the new look of their new resort mugs. They are super bright and summery. I love them and can’t wait until September to get one! I want the pink one for sure. The only criticism I have about this batch is the lack of a really masculine color. I’m not sure what color Tim will go with…maybe the teal. Check ’em out!

My last point about the mugs is that if you are planning on purchasing the Dining Plan (which you know I fully support) or if you have gotten the FREE Dining Plan for booking at a certain time, like we have, be aware that some of the plans come with a free resort refillable mug! How nice is that! The plans that include them are the Delux, Platinum, Premium Plans (where you get three full meals and two snacks a day per person) and the Quick Service Plan (where you get two counter/quick service meals and two snacks a day per person).

So the next time you head to Walt Disney World, don’t forget to snag the souvenir that will pay for itself by the end of your trip!

Elrod WDW Tip: Before hopping that bus, boat, or monorail to the park, stop by your resort drink kiosk and fill up your mug for the day. You can take these mugs into the park! That way you won’t have to spend money on drinks inside of the park. There are not drink kiosks in the parks to refill them, but if saving is the name of your game (like it is ours) you can always refill them at a water fountain! Water is best when you are on the go anyway. Hydration is key! 🙂

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