Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: An Earth Day Trade!

Fun fact for the day: It’s Earth Day!

And in honor of this day, where we take the extra moment to acknowledge and love on Mother Earth, Disney is doing just that by giving away reusable totes!

All you have to do is take five plastic bags to your local Disney Store TODAY, and they will trade you for this adorable Mickey tote. Now that’s what I call trading up! You know you have five (or MORE!) plastic bags sitting around from your last grocery shopping spree. Why not trade them in for something a little more lasting? Click here for more details.

Jack Jack is ready! We are heading to our Disney Store in just a little bit with his Daddy, Grandma, and Aunt Hannah. Check back later today for a post update when we get our bags!


Welp. This is coming a little later than expected, but better late than never!…right? Heh heh…

We have had a very busy, yet good, Good Friday, and yes, we made it to the Disney Store for our free tote bags! When we got there, my mom got her bag, my sister got her bag, I got my bag, and then…uh oh…they were out of reusable totes!


Tim had come with us and he had five plastic bags in his fists to trade in too! But hey, does Disney ever let us down? No, never. 😉 They actually let Tim pick out a different non-Earth Day tote for himself! He chose a gray and red Mickey one. THEN they let Jack “pick” one too! He “chose” the Toy Story bag. They were letting anyone who came that day choose from several different designs from Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland, to Nemo and Minnie Mouse! I think that is great. They could have just turned people away with a “Sorry! We’re out.”

I hope you had a great Good Friday, as well! And I hope you have a very Happy Easter! See ya next week!

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