Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: Royal Wedding Day Match Game

The trivia today is inspired by an event that I am sure you all know and are talking about!

Today was the Royal Wedding of Prince William, and now Princess, Kate! For a little bit of fun I thought I would do a merry match game of the Disney Prince and Princesses.

Match the Disney Princess to her dashing Prince Charming.

    A. Cinderella                                                                   1. Eugene Fitzherbert

    B. Snow White                                                                2. Eric

    C. Aurora                                                                         3. Beast

    D. Ariel                                                                            4. Prince Charming

    E. Jasmine                                                                      5. Aladdin

    F. Belle                                                                             6. Li Shang

    G. Tiana                                                                           7. John Smith

    H. Rapunzel                                                                    8. Prince Charming

    I. Pocahontas                                                                  9. Prince Phillip

    J. Mulan                                                                           10. Prince Naveen

Answers: A , 4 or 8 / B , 4 or 8 / C , 9 / D , 2 / E , 5 / F , 3 / G , 10 / H , 1 / I , 7 / J , 6

How many did you match?

Did you find it really easy, or more difficult that you thought?

Have you ever realized before that Cinderella and Snow White married a “Prince Charming”?

Well, I hope you are having just as wonderful a day as I. I am spending the day with my own Prince Charming who is very graciously letting me watch as much mushy Royal Wedding programing as I like. 🙂

See you on Blogday Tuesday!

[Waving goodbye like a true Disney Princess…It’s all in the wrist.]

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