Goofy About Golf

Spring is in swing and the warm, sweet, honeysuckle notes of Summer are swaying in the breeze on this beautiful day in the South.

It is about this same time each year that Tim starts to sigh and say little things like, “Wow…this is would be a great morning to be on the golf course.” or “I wish I were going golfing today.” I know I can’t be the only wife to hear little comments like these. Just last night in my living room during our Small Group meeting, our good friend Joey was practicing his golf swing, swishing his imaginary club back and forth with excellent precision, I’m sure. For all of you guys, and even gals, out there that love the feeling of teeing off on a beautiful morning on an even more beautiful course, Walt Disney World is sure you please you and your impeccable swing.

Walt Disney World actually has four gorgeous golf courses, three of which are courses on the PGA Tour, and one 36-par walking course. Open to general public and those staying on Disney property, these five breathtakingly beautiful courses are great for first time golfers or those with advanced experience. Tim is a decently good golfer, where as I on the other hand, prefer a game more along the lines of putt-putt. On our first anniversary trip in September 2008, we took a morning to go golfing together on Oak Trail Golf Course, and we both had a great time! I only played at about half the holes, but I still enjoyed the stroll along the gorgeous greens with the man of my dreams. Tim on the other hand played very well.

In addition to club and cart rentals, Disney also offers lessons to help you improve your game! Click here for rates and more details.

So the next time you are in Walt Disney World (like maybe this August or September when they are offering the FREE Dining Plan!), and looking to do something a little out of the ordinary, consider a relaxing game of golf! Or…maybe, if you are like me, you would just prefer a fun little round of miniature golf at Fantasia Gardens or Disney’s Winter Summerland. 😉

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