Top 7 WDW Frozen Sweet Treats

The past two weeks I have been blogging off the beaten path, you might say, and talking about things to do at Walt Disney World that are reminiscent of a beach vacation. With the southern sun heating things up to the low 90’s today and humidity levels at 35%, I can’t help but think about yummy, frozen, sweet treats to help me cool down.

So today I am bringing you the official Elrod countdown of our Top 7 Walt Disney World Frozen Sweet Treats! (Yeah…maybe 7 is a random number, I was going to do Top 5, but we just have too many favorites!)

#7. Itzakadoozie

Where to find it: Almost anywhere! It is sold at almost all of the ice cream carts found throughout Disney property.

Itzakadoozie is pretty much just what it says it is; a kadoozie of a popsicle! Although this is one of my little sister’s favorite treats, I have to admit, standing in a line in the hot Florida sun is a little more enjoyable when you are licking a huge rainbow popsicle. This is a common favorite amongst the kiddos.

#6. Frozen Banana

Where to find: This one is pretty easy to find as well, since it is also sold at ice cream carts located in many Disney hot-spots.

Personally, I am not a big banana fan, but several of my family members have enjoyed this frozen snack! Dipped in chocolate, and commonly rolled in nuts, this is a frozen treat that won’t leave you feeling as guilty when you’ve finished. I mean hey, at least you met some of your daily potassium intake, right? Think of it as a frozen, chocolate-covered vitamin. Yum!

#5. Dole Whip

Where to find: Aloha Isle Refreshments in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, and Capt. Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort.

We actually went to Disney several times before trying the Dole Whip. We heard so many people rave about them, but had just never tried one. But boy are they yummy, and a tasty way to cool down too! Dole Whip is a non-dairy, soft serve that can be purchased by itself in a cup or served with pineapple juice as a float!

#4. Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar

Where to find: Almost anywhere they sell ice cream!

C’mon. It’s a classic! You know you want one. This chocolate dipped, vanilla ice cream on a stick is a must-have at least once on every trip! And don’t forget to take a picture! That’s classic too.

#3. Kona Cone

Where to find: The Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort.

Oh. My. Word. If you have kids, you have got to spoil them a little and let them try this amazing ice cream cone. But you see, it is not just any ice cream cone! It is huge, and homemade just moments before you eat it. Filled with two heaping scoops of ice cream (one chocolate, one vanilla), it is also decorated with fun-colored sprinkles, drizzled with chocolate syrup, with a chocolate medallion Mickey Mouse perched on top. Serving as a fun and sugary garnish, cotton candy is wrapped around the base of the cone and scattered with M&M’s for a slash of color. Can you say fun? Can you say YUM? Fun-yum. That is what this dessert is, even for adults.

#2 Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Where to find: The Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom.

Tim and I actually stumbled upon this treat a few years ago when we were trying to use up a snack credit on our Dining Plan. The menu said that a snack credit covered a Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. Sounded good. So we tried it. Little did we know we would get the chance to pick our two favorite fresh-baked Main Street Bakery cookies and which kind of ice cream we would like to go inside! We thought it would be a small, pre-made sandwich. No siree, and let me tell you it was delicious. We have had different combos since, but that first ever Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich was vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between one sugar cookie, and one chocolate chip cookie. Delicious. Zero calories too, I’m sure. I mean, look at the size of that thing! You have to try it!

#1. The Kitchen Sink

Where to find: Beaches & Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Confession: We have never actually tackled the Kitchen Sink, but we plan to soon, and I just couldn’t not have it as the number one frozen treat in Walt Disney World! I have never heard of someone hating the Kitchen Sink, and I think I know why. Click the link below to see just what it is all about.

How to Make the Legendary Disney Kitchen Sink Dessert

See why it’s number one? I can’t wait to try it for myself!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Elrod countdown of our Top 7 Walt Disney World Frozen Sweet Treats! See you Friday for more Fun Facts ‘n Trivia!

4 thoughts on “Top 7 WDW Frozen Sweet Treats

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  2. haha looks like fun when we went there we tried many of the same things you guys had! love the little story behind them! >,< thanks for sharing:)

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