Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: Where is it?

Happy Friday, friends!

Fun fact about me that you probably all know by now is my obsession with all things Peter Pan. A few years ago I took a picture of Peter Pan and the Darling children flying to Neverland that I spotted on a floor at Walt Disney World. So here’s perhaps some more difficult trivia for the more observant Disney Goer.

Where in the world is this floor image located?

Any guesses?

Well, if you guessed the Grand Floridian, you are quite right!

Although the Grand Floridian is not really mine and my husband’s taste when it comes to accommodations, we love to visit Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort every time we go. With some of the best restaurants on property, the White Basin (an all things bath shop that we adore), and live lobby entertainment (Tim loves the jazz band), it is always a must-do when we are in Disney.

This Peter Pan image is carved into the beautifully ornate flooring that makes up many of the major walkways around the lobby and hotel. It is found just inside of the entrance located right under the grand staircase. I just love it! Can I please have it laid in the entrance to my castle home waiting for me in Heaven? Kthanks, God! 🙂

Other Disney characters featured in the Grand Floridian marble floors are Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Mrs. Potts, Chip, a Mickey & Minnie silhouette, a silhouette of Cinderella and her Prince, and two separate Tinkerbells!

Are any of you Hidden Mickey hunters like my family? This is could be a fun search too!

My how the fun times are endless in Walt Disney World!

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