Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: Cousin Elrod

Although we realize that it is impossible unless we become millionaires and buy inside of Golden Oaks, Tim and I would love to just live in Walt Disney World! We like to dream and say silly things like, “How many Disney Vacation Club points do you think we would need to buy in order to just live in Bay Lake Tower for the rest of our lives?”

Yes, we know that this is all just wishful thinking, but did you know that there is a Cousin Elrod that does indeed live in Walt Disney World? In fact, he lives right inside of Magic Kingdom!

Trivia: At which Magic Kingdom attraction does dear old Cousin Elrod reside?

Any ideas?

Well the answer is actually Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

As the story goes, in the late 1800’s Big Thunder Mountain was found to be rich in gold, so the Big Thunder Mountain Gold Mine was established and the area was settled. Things look peachy up until the day the big rain came and flooded the whole settlement. The townspeople decided to go wait out the flood in the local saloon, and it’s said that to this day if you get close enough with a good listening ear, you can still hear ’em causing a ruckus from within. Cousin Elrod, however, decided to wait out the waters while relaxing in a nice, cool tub. You can still find him floating there in his long-johns on any given day, shooting the breeze with the chickens.


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