Elrod Top 10 WDW Snacks

Not long ago I wrote a post on the Elrod Top 7 WDW Frozen Sweet Treats. One of my best friends just planned a trip to Walt Disney World for this September and yes she is getting the FREE Dining Plan! She asked me to write a similar post to my sweet treat countdown, but on what the Elrods would deem the best treats to get with your Dining Plan snack credits. I thought that was a great idea! Now, keep in mind that this is just a list of items that we love to get…these are not necessarily your best deals or secrets. I think I am going to keep that for a later post…like maybe next week… πŸ™‚ So here we go, your official Elrod countdown of our Top 10 WDW Snacks!


Where to find: Select locations in the parks and some resorts.

Just so you know, we DO NOT usually use our snack credits on drinks. However, as you know, the Elrods are huge coffee lovers, so using our snack credit on a good cup of coffee is worth it to us…especially since most places simply serve Nescafe, which is pretty terrible by coffee lover’s standards.


Where to find: Snack kiosks throughout the parks.

A warm, soft, cinnamon-sugar covered stick of dough. Mmm…need I say more? It seems like we usually use a snack credit on this yummy treat and then share it between two or three of us since it is nicely sized.

Pasta Salad (or any side for that matter)

Where to find: Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney

The pasta salad at Earl of Sandwich just happens to be my favorite. Although it is not listed on this list of available snacks on Disney property, from our experience, you can get a small side item of your choice from this great Quick Service stop for one snack credit. It’s a more hearty choice for if you are trying to tie yourself over until a lunch or dinner reservation.

Made-to-order Sweets

Where to find: Goofy’s Candy Company at Downtown Disney

This is something my hubby usually likes to get. At Goofy’s Candy Company you can get some select treats special-made just for you for one snack credit! Tim usually gets three large marshmallows rolled in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. Can you say sugar rush?

French Fries

Where to find: Select locations at the parks and resorts

I have read some blogs that have bashed the idea of getting french fries as your snack, but the Elrods are advocates. I guess we are just french fry fans. It is another more filling snack and when we get them at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom, we can get a side of that oh-so-“healthy” cheese sauce at the condiment bar to dip them in. Actually, I could eat that right about…NOW!

Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar

Where to find: Pretty much anywhere.

This was on my previous countdown, but what I said is still true. It’s tasty. It’s a classic. It’s a must.

Mickey Shaped Rice Crispy Treat

Where to find: Pretty much anywhere, as well.

This is another classic. Whether you like ’em chocolate-dipped and covered in sprinkles like my folks, or just plain-Jane like Tim and I, they are never a let down.

Jalapeno Cheese Stuffed Pretzel

Where to find: Safari Pretzel at Animal Kingdom

My, oh my. Do we ever stop talking about this snack? It is just too good not to try. Think jalapeno-cheese Mexican dip stuffed inside of a warm, soft, salted pretzel. It has a bit of a kick without making you run for the water fountain. Cue mouthwatering. Just try it.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Where to find: Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom.

Although the Main Street Bakery is not the only place to find this treat, it is the only one that will let you choose the cookies that make up the “bread” of this delicious sandwich. Most others will just give you a standard chocolate chip, which is still good. The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich was also listed on my previous countdown, but we love to get this snack because not only is it tasty, it is a great use of your credit if you are trying to get a good deal. This snack is huge! Definitely enough to split. However, I have heard rumor of this item being slowly fazed off of the list of snack credit options, and if and when that day comes, the Elrods will be in mourning.

Cinnamon Roll

Where to find: Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom

Okay. So maybe this is not my husband’s number one pick, he would probably switch number two as number one, but I love, Love, LOVE this snack! They are made-fresh-daily, ooey-gooey, goodness on a plate! And big enough to share, as well…only, I never do. πŸ™‚

Thanks for counting down the Elrod Top 10 WDW Snacks! I can’t wait to talk more with you about making the most of your Dining Plan credits in the future!

4 thoughts on “Elrod Top 10 WDW Snacks

  1. I’m going to write these down right now. I have a feeling the jalapeno pretzel will be tommy’s favorite. Thanks! Love you!

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