We are Proud to Announce!!….

[Trumpet flare!]

I am here and happy to announce that Gummy Bear is…

Oh. My. Word.

We. Are. Ecstatic!

Admittedly, I was pretty much convinced that it was a girl because my pregnancy has been so different than it was with Jack. However, in my in most hearts I really wanted another boy. Here’s why:

1. I wanted Jack to have a buddy. They will be a 18 months apart which is practically nothing in the grand scheme of things. In short, these boys are going to be life-long friends and confidants.

2. Ease. We have everything we need. All we need is a double stroller and diapers, diapers, diapers!

3. This vision in my head: Two boys, approximately ages 6 and 7ish, running around Magic Kingdom, freshly costumed and painted from their visit to The Pirates League, sword fighting, causing a ruckus, and making me want to pull my hair out. Priceless. And I can’t wait.

Lastly, we would like to announce that Gummy Bear will from here on out be referred to as

…because that is his name and he answers to it.

Thanks for stopping by, celebrating with us, making your guesses, and leaving us so much love in the form of comments, Facebook statuses, messages, Tweets and texts.

This Disney family feels so loved.

13 thoughts on “We are Proud to Announce!!….

  1. This is grandma GiGi and I am so excited about having another little precious boy to love on! I had two boys and now my oldest is having two boys! The tradition continues! Love you guys so much and December can’t get here soon enough!

  2. Congratulations on little Cole Timothy! May God’s blessings flow abundantly on you all! Love You All very much! The Koehler Family (Dahlonega, GA)

  3. Congratulations Tim, Malorie, and Jack! Cole is a lucky little man! And I’m not surprised as I shared…I had such a different pregnancy with Connor than Christopher. Thought for sure Connor Max was going to be a Carlie Elizabeth! But I wouldn’t trade him for the world and I love being the momma of boys! Watch out Disney World!

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  5. Congrats! That’s wonderful!! Love the name! With my son’s name, I thought we’d end up calling him Cole for short, but 2.5 years later everyone still uses his full name… Again, how awesome!

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