Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: Just Goofin’ Around

Happy Friday! It’s finally here!

Not long ago my friend Stacey was over for a “play date” with her son Jacob, who is just a few months older than Jack. Stacey is a Disney fan too, so of course we had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV in the background for the boys while they played and took turns bopping each other the head with various items. (Yes, they are at that age.)

While the show was going, our Mommy-talk shifted to what was on TV and we wondered allowed to each other what Disney was going for in their Goofy character?

C’mon. You know you or someone you know has asked the same question before. What is Goofy? He’s just so…Goofy!

In a sort of response I reminded Stacey of Goofy’s original character name…which is what today’s trivia is:

What name was originally given to the silly guy we now call Goofy?

If you guessed Dippy Dawg, well you’re right!

Dippy DAWG! Which gives us some indication of what Disney was going for in creating Goofy.

After stating this, Stacey and I did start to see some similarities in the looks of Goofy and Mickey’s best pal, Pluto. Same ears. Same facial structure. The strange thing is that they are both dogs but Goofy is obviously more intelligent. Well, slightly. He does talk, wear clothes, and walk on two feet.

Yes, strange indeed. But strange or not, who doesn’t love that giddy, galumphing, Goofy? I still have memories of watching the old Mickey Mouse movies, my favorite always being Mickey’s Birthday Party. Remember that one? Where Goofy is in charge of making the cake and ends up blowing it up several times? I always loved the part where he danced with the mop around the room.

What’s your favorite Goofy memory?

Well, with today’s post and Wednesday’s [Almost] Wordless Wednesday picture, it has been one Goofy week!

And that’s just the way I like it.

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