Countdown Party: Pocahontas

This past Friday we had another Disney Countdown Party to celebrate the dwindling days until our Walt Disney World vacation!


This time, we chose to theme the night around the movie Pocahontas. I was so excited about this one.

First up: Craft time! Hannah made us some wonderful Indian headdresses to wear.

Isn’t Jack so cute in his?!

Up next: Dinner! A Thanksgiving feast, of course!

We took the easy route, though, and made everything instant. And do we mean instant! Dinner was done in about five minutes! It was so good, too. While we were eating I asked my mom, “How many people do you think actually make Thanksgiving dinner like this every year?” My family is known for divvying up dishes and slaving away in the kitchen the day before and the day of. Maybe the joke is on us, huh? Ha!

On the menu:

Honey Baked Turkey (oh. my. word. MY FAVORITE!)


Brown Gravy

Mashed Potatoes


Cranberry Sauce


For dessert: Vanilla non-fat frozen yogurt with a warm pumpkin spice drizzle. (A good substitute for pumpkin pie.)

We went ahead and stuck the movie in while we enjoyed dessert. Yes, a VHS. Can you believe it?

I love the movie Pocahontas. Of course, the men were only slightly interested once the food-part was over, but my mom, sis, and I enjoyed the whole film and made sure to sing along with our favorite songs loudly.

We had a really great time!

Another Countdown Party over means vacation is just around the corner! Oh my, we just can’t wait!

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