Good Eats in WDW

Maybe you have heard, but recently, the quick-service restaurant Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom released a new menu that is full of fresh and healthy items! Now, in addition to your yummy, fried fish and french fries, you can get other do-your-body-good items. Try a white tuna sandwich on a multigrain bun! Or maybe the grilled salmon with couscous and steamed broccoli. Tim was reading a few reviews on the new food a few days ago and read a trip report that said the salmon dish was so good, they couldn’t believe it was a quick-service meal!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when the Elrods go Disney, we don’ worry ’bout no diets! We go to Disney expecting to eat fantastic food, delicious desserts, and everything in between. Coming back with a little less room in our pants is just another souvenir. Ha! In the often repetitive words of my father, “When we go to Disney, we eat like kings!”

However, I realize that eating anything and everything you want and busting your diet or abandoning your regular eating habits is not everyone’s idea of fun. Fair enough…and no worries! Because Disney has got you healthy-eaters covered, as well! Disney offers tons of options, in and outside of the parks, that won’t bust your belt.

Upon doing a little bit of research I found a really great article on The Disney Food Blog. It was written over a year ago, so updates like the Columbia Harbour House are not included, but most of the article is full of easy and applicable general information. It also includes a section called Eat This, Not That, which I love! So, instead of recycling information, I would love to just direct you there!

Click here to read Healthy Eating in Walt Disney World.

So, which type are you?

Are you in the Elrod crew, and love to splurge when it comes to dieting on vacation? Or do you prefer to stay healthy and on track when out of town?

Leave a comment! Everyone loves comments!

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