Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: Dining with a Five-Legged Goat

Today’s the day! Yippee! The Elrods are finally on our way to Walt Disney World!

For our trivia today, I wanted a fun fact that would tie in with a little of what we are doing today, so here we go.

Where on Walt Disney World property can you find a five-legged goat?

This is a pretty common fun fact, but if you are still a little stumped, here is a hint: According to the Elrod vacation itinerary, we will get to catch a glimpse of it this evening!

Well, the answer is not Animal Kingdom, although seeing a real five-legged goat might be cool…or maybe kind of sad…but the answer is actually Disney’s Contemporary Resort! It just so happens that that is exactly where Tim, Jack, and I will be dining with Mickey and the gang tonight at Chef Mickey’s!

In the center of the first resort built on Disney property is a multi-story, tiled mural that was designed by Mary Blair, the same woman to design much of the look of the famous It’s A Small World attraction. She added the now much beloved five-legged goat into her mural to give nod to the fact that nothing in life is perfect.

Have you ever found the five-legged goat for yourself? I have to admit that it is not as easy as it seems. My family and I walked around and around this four-walled mural before realizing we needed to be a level up, next to the monorail, to be able to spot this little guy. Tricky, tricky, Mary Blair…but I like it!

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