Fun Facts ‘n Trivia: Where Is It?

Happy Friday, friends!

The Elrods are still in Walt Disney World, having a blast, but sadly it is our last day. However, we have had so much fun this week, and look forward to getting back and blogging all about our 4th Annual Wedding Anniversary Trip!

Today though, I thought it would be fun to do another Where Is It post, where I post a picture of something on Disney property and you tell me where it is! Are you ready? Okay!

Surprise, surprise! It’s another Peter Pan find!

Where on Disney property can you spot this soaring Peter Pan?

If you guess the Marketplace’s Once Upon A Toy, you are right!

Peter Pan can be seen flying around and around in Once Upon A Toy, where you can get almost any Disney toy you can imagine! I am scared to death of future trips we will make into this store with Jack and Cole. I’m sure trips inside will result in our pockets becoming much lighter and our sons’ rooms becoming much more cluttered.

Ah well, the life of a parent, eh? And what am I saying…we decided to pre-plan our souvenir spending, right?

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