Here’s What We Think: Harmony Barber Shop Review

We’re back from Walt Disney World and I have so, So, SO much to say! However, I just can’t help but talk about my little buddy’s first haircut that he got in the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom on the second day of our trip. It was the best experience. I have nothing but good things to say about Jack’s very first haircut. The Harmony Barber Shop did a great job of making this one of those “magic moments,” and a memory that I will forever treasure.

We called and made an appointment for Jack’s first haircut several weeks before we left for our trip. The Harmony Barber Shop is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I learned while there that they only book one appointment every half an hour so that they always have room for walk-ins. Our appointment was for 3:30, but we arrived 30 minutes early, as requested.

Here’s our before shot. Look at all of those curls!

Once we arrived, we checked in and only waited a few minutes before getting assigned to Jack’s haircut-throne. His stylist’s name was Judy. She was just wonderful; very competent. She had definitely done this many, many times before. The first thing she did was hand him a Lightening McQueen glow toy.

Then she placed Mickey Mouse stickers all over his body. Judy said the more he had to do and play with, the better. Boy, was she right! I don’t even know if he was aware he was getting his hair cut.

Judy asked us what kind of cut we would like. Believe it or not there was a couple that was getting their son’s first haircut at the same time and all they wanted was the curls clipped from his ears! The mother said, “We are just doing this for the memory.” Wow! Well, that’s nice, but Tim and I were doing it for the memory AND the haircut. If we had let it grow much longer, our little boy would have been looking like a little girl…and besides, when we say it’s his first haircut, we really wanted it to BE his first haircut!

“Cut it short!” we told Judy, and she looked pleased to actually get to do a “little boy cut,” as she called it. Jack pulled at the stickers and learned how to operate the Lightening McQueen…

…while Judy snipped and clipped away.

Tim and I joyfully moaned over the lovely little curls as they left our baby boy’s sweet head. Judy made sure to keep every one of them for us. We are keeping the locks that we love in this little memory box my cousin Kristy made for Jack.

After about five minutes (or less!) Jack was a new man. Our little baby turned toddler before our eyes!

Judy presented him with his First Haircut Mickey Mouse ears that are included in the Baby’s First Haircut Package. Jack thought that he looked so handsome.

Next she gave him a Certificate of Bravery, an award that was well deserved, because he did so well. Our wiggle worm sat so still! I’m going to have to remember that sticker trick in the future.

What a wonderful memory! I can’t wait to take Cole to do the very same thing! I’d definitely recommend the Harmony Barber Shop and the Baby’s First Haircut Package to anyone. It’s $18.oo, but the worth is priceless.

5 thoughts on “Here’s What We Think: Harmony Barber Shop Review

  1. He goes from the sweet baby look to a handsome young lad. I love this post almost (only almost) as good as being there. If I could not be there, this is great.

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