Check List Review

Not long before our trip to Disney I made a list of the things we had never done at Walt Disney World and wanted to do this time around. Well…not everything on our check list got checked off. [Insert sad face here.]

Here’s a review:

1. Eat at Chef Mickey’s for the first time ever. Lucky for us, we have reservations for the day we arrive! – CHECK!

2. Get Jack’s hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop in Magic Kingdom. – CHECK!

3. Eat a turkey leg. – UN-check. 😦 This year we decided that having the meal plan is not good for us in the trying-new-things department. We didn’t get the turkey leg because you couldn’t get it with a meal plan credit, and well…we had snacks to use up, so we used those instead. Next year!!

4. Explore Tom Sawyer’s Island. – CHECK!

5. Get a coffee from the Kona Island Cafe Coffee Bar. – CHECK!

6. Eat a Mickey-shaped pretzel. They’re new! – UN-check. 😦 They only sell them in select spots, and our appetites were not ready when we were in Frontierland. Later it was just too late…

7. See It’s Tough to Be a Bug in the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom. No, I’ve never done this! Can you believe it? – UN-check. 😦 Just didn’t work out for us. Jack was ready to leave; we didn’t want to have to wait for each of us to watch it separately; we just skipped it. Again.

8. Eat the Freshly Made Potato Chips at Magic Kingdom. – UN-check. 😦 They are sold at the Friar’s Nook, which is only opened seasonally. It just so happens that September is NOT the season it is open. Grrr.

9. Get Jack’s next growth chart picture in front of the totem pole at the front of the Wilderness Lodge’s gift shop. – CHECK!

10. Try to talk my husband into letting us get tickets to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Hehe. I have done it, but he and Jack never have! – UN-check. 😦 We figured Jack was a little too young to really enjoy it. In a few years we will consider it again.

So we didn’t get to do everything on our check list. But it’s okay. There’s always next time!

And goodness knows that there will always be a “next time” for the Elrods.

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