Introducing Thankful for Disney Tuesdays

Welp. It’s officially November. Is anyone else wondering where 2011 went? Admitting that your parents were right is one of the hardest things a person can do, but right they were when they told me that time flies even faster the older you get.

Geez louise.

Even though I can’t remember a thing about this year, because it has gone by so quickly, I must admit that I am happy to see the month of November. My husband will be home a little more, as his work load lightens a bit, and the holiday season is kicking off, beginning with one of my most favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving. Always have. I love the food, the colors, the decorations of turkeys, faceless pumpkins, and Publix Pilgrim people; I love the time with family, taking the time to sit and truly contemplate all that we have to be thankful for, and (ohmigoodness!) the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…which, by the way, must be watched in your pajamas while enjoying hot cinnamon or orange sweet rolls!

Is my Thanksgiving enthusiasm driving you crazy yet? Well, good! Because I’ve decided to drag that warm, gooey, Thanksgiving-love over into Elrods Go Disney all this month on Blogday Tuesday. Each Tuesday I am going to talk about the things of Walt Disney World that we are most thankful for!

Let’s jumping right in!

I think the one thing that would make the tip-top of our Thankful for Disney list would be, hands down, the Cast Members. They are the ones that truly preserve the magic inside those massive walls of Walt Disney World. They are always nice, always helpful, and do an amazing job of keeping every square inch of Disney property spic and span. If you ask any Disney goer about the Disney difference, almost always, the fact that the Disney theme parks, transportation centers and vehicles, resorts, and more are always impressively clean, makes the list of things that keeps them coming back.

So thank you, Disney Cast Members! You make every Elrod moment magical, and we appreciate you so much!

Hope you are having a wonderful autumn day! See you next week for another Thankful for Disney Tuesday!

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