Thankful Tuesday: Gimme a Break

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to think on all that we are thankful for, and although we are thankful for so many things about Disney, especially the joy and memories it has and will bring to our family’s life, we are also so thankful for other things as well. Like this amazing season of life.

Right now the Elrods are not only in a season of Thanksgiving and rapidly arriving Christmastime, but also a season of growth and change! I’m quite sure all of you are aware of our precious new addition set to join our family in about a month and a half. We loved getting to share our news with you, and we loved how all of you rallied around and celebrated with us on the day we found out we were having another boy! However, in all of this holiday excitement, new-baby planning, and the general hustle and bustle of everyday life, making the time to blog has been difficult for me. So instead of giving you halfhearted, watered-down posts each week, I have decided to just take a little break to really focus on this home-stretch of having a baby, and to celebrate the holidays with my wonderful family.

However! Don’t be surprised if I can’t completely stay away and come back every now and then for a little update post or random [Almost] Wordless Wednesday. Please feel free to continue sending in those Just Ask questions, as I will be happy to continue to keep in touch with you while away.

And one last thing. I just wanted to let you know, my loyal readers and fellow Disney fans, that I am so thankful for YOU! Thank you for reading and following along with me this past year as I’ve made my first attempt at blogging. I feel like I’ve only stuck my big toe in the baby pool of the blogging world, and look forward to one day taking that big Nestea Plunge into the deep end.

I hope you all have a marvelous holiday season, maybe sprinkled here or there with a little pixie dust and Disney magic! And in spite of my little break away, in the words of Mickey Mouse, I hope to “See ya real soon!”

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