Dear Elrods Go Disney

Dear Elrods Go Disney,

Oh my, how I miss thee. I miss spending mornings with a steamy cup of coffee, laptop appropriately centered upon my pajama-bottom clad lap, delightfully tapping my keyboard keys to the tune of Walt Disney World gossip and guru goo. So much has come between our steady time together, mainly a little man.

He is sweet (yes, oh so sweet), but I still miss my “me time” of blogging. However, quite to my happy content, little man is now sleeping through the night (nine to ten hours to be exact!) so I can feel our time apart growing shorter. I know that soon I shall be able to rededicate some time to you, and that makes me inexplicably giddy. I mean, there is so much that we have missed out on in my three short months of hiatus!

New DVC news of the latest Grand Floridian excavation!

Updates on the Fantasyland expansion!

Changes in FASTPASS usage!

New restaurants added to the Disney Dining Plan!

The leap year 24 hour One More Disney Day!

And more!

Lot and lots more! We have made final plans on our annual fall WDW trip and I have drawn up the itinerary! We have reached savings goals and are getting steps closer to reaching that goal of paying cash for that coveted DVC sticker for the back of our van! Yes! We bought a van!

So get ready, my deserted Elrods Go Disney dashboard. Get ready, my new post option and category update. Elrods Go Disney is on the move, and there are new winds a-blowin’ and new posts a-brewin’.

                                                                                                                                                                  With love,

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