Starbucks in Disney

Starbucks in Disney.

Need I say more?

Besides our faith and love for our family, two words that absolutely describe the Elrods are Disney and Starbucks. We love Mickey, we love coffee. Put ’em together and we are golden!…and that is just what Disney is doing.

In the past, I have talked about the coffee at WDW and where, in fact, you could find a tasty cup of Starbucks java, but now Disney is making it easier than ever. They are going to be adding Starbucks locations in each of the four main WDW theme parks. Rumor has it that while they will be themed to blend in with their surroundings, they will be serving up all of their famously tasty espresso drinks, frappuccinos, and even pastries and breakfast sandwiches.

Which leaves this Jesus lovin’, Disney goin’, coffee drinker shouting out a happy “Halleluiah!”

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