Chalk and Chairs

Chalk paint? It’s the new black.

And in case you didn’t know, it’s also pretty dang expensive. BUT! Tim and I found the most amazing stuff in the world! [Yes, that is probably an exaggeration.]

We got this little bag of love at Rockin’ B’s Antiques, an antique store that is just a few miles from our house. You just add two tablespoons of the powder to one cup any paint you would like. Stir or shake it until it is all dissolved, and there you go! And it works amazingly. AND it goes for miles. One cup covered our dining room chairs.

We have these cheapish Ikea chairs. We’d been talking about painting them for some time. We went back and forth on colors and process for a while. We initially tried spray painting them red, but we hated it. So we switched to a mustard yellow (Baer Hammered Gold, to be exact) and decided on chalk paint once we found the powder.

All we bought was a sample can. It was exactly one cup!

Next, we sanded them down a bit. The red underneath actually added a nice touch!

We bought this at Rockin’ B’s, as well. It’s a wax they sell to seal the paint. It comes in brown and clear. We used the brown to give it a wood grain look.

Lastly, I decided to cover the seats. Those white seat covers were a nice idea for newlyweds, but two kids later, and having friends with young kids coming to dinner and such, they turned into not such a good idea. I had been wanting something I could just wipe clean, so I bought a $4.00 vinyl tablecloth at Walmart and borrowed my mom’s handy-dandy staple gun.

The print may not be for everyone, but we liked it, and seeing that we are coffee lovers addicts, it just worked for us.

The best part is when Jack drops his spaghetti or squishes his peas all over the seat, I can just wipe it right off. Halleluiah and praise be!

I guess I can remove this sign that we’ve had sitting in our dining room in the case of house showings…

…or maybe we’ll just move it from room to room as we continue in our house renovating obsession.

With love, Malorie

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