Art of Animation is Open!

Shhh. Listen.

Do you hear that? That buzz?

Yeah, there has been some Disney talk buzzing around the Elrod house this past week. Talk that we are super excited about and can’t wait to experience ourselves.

Do I feel a second 2012 Disney trip in the works? Uh huh. Or least an early 2013.

So what’s the buzz? The first phase of the Art of Animation Resort in WDW had it’s official grand opening on May 31st. The food court, gift shop, arcade, Finding Nemo family suits, and Finding Nemo pool are up and running! And from what we are hearing, it is pretty amazing. 

Some of the reviews we have been hearing say that this resort blows the other Disney value resorts out of the water; from menu choices in the food court (vegetarian choices, create-your-own cereal/yogurt bar, etc.), interior hallways in the family suits (all other value resorts have exterior “motel” type hallways), and the 24 hour Finding Nemo pool.

Can we just talk about this pool for a minute?

The Finding Nemo pool at the Art of Animation resort is actually the largest pool on property. With zero entry, a play area with larger-than-life, water-spouting characters for the kiddos, and believe it or not, underwater music tracks. That’s right, when you take a dive in this pool, you hear Nemo characters chatting and singing to you from underwater speakers! Talk about an awesome place to learn how to swim. Oh and don’t forget the pool-side games and movies. I feel like we won’t be able to keep our boys away from this pool when we stay there.

Notice I said when, not if.

The other phases of the resort will open as follows:

Cars family suites: June 18th, 2012 (My mother-in-law’s birthday, maybe we should plan a quick trip in her honor!)

Lion King family suites: August 10th, 2012 (Tim’s birthday, maybe we should plan a birthday trip for him, as well?)

Little Mermaid standard rooms (with exterior hallways): September 15th, 2012 (Our 5 year anniversary! Is this a sign?)

Wow. Do you want to go now? Huh? Do ya, do ya, DO YA?

I may have just had coffee, can you tell?

Wait, it was decaf.

With love, Malorie

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