Well Hello There

Y’all. One day I’m gonna do what I say and say what I do when it comes to this blog.

Embarrassing fact #1: It has been over a month since I’ve even logged in to my WordPress account…not just blogged. Wow.

Embarrassing fact #2: There are a lot of things I have promised to blog about that I have failed to do. Ew. I hate those blogs. And who has two thumbs and has become one of them? This girl. And I refuse to use my kids, my family, the fact that my personal computer (sorry Ma, I know you hate this word) sucks, or any other lame excuse to try to justify my absence.

Embarrassing fact #3: There are at least three that I know of, and counting some messages/comments on Facebook, four or five people that have recruited my help in their Disney vacation planning and I haven’t answered a one. This one I’m super sorry about because there are few things I love more than chatting it up about Disney World.

Embarrassing fact #4: I haven’t really missed blogging. Uh oh. I hope I don’t lose any integrity or readers, because I really do enjoy blogging. I l.o.v.e. to write. But as my personal (handwritten, as it should be) journal has been filled to the brim with events and thoughts of my everyday life, this online one has suffered. It’s just a stage of life thing, me thinks.

And now I am moving on, because at this point you are probably skimming my work thinking, “Where are the pictures of cute kids or house projects or Disney agendas and updates? This is boring. I think I’ll…”

Ah ha! Did I keep ya? You were about to leave the page weren’t you? Until I threw in that silly picture of my Dad wiping out on his boogie board on our beach trip this June. Gotcha.

Oh and this happened, too.

Cole turned 6 months…no wait, now he’s 7 months! As of three days ago and I have yet to take those pictures either. See?? I’m a slacker in many areas of my life! Weee!

He’s sitting up unsupported, has two teeth, and a personality just like his Mama. Don’t talk to us or get in our faces until we’ve had our morning ba-ba’s, his full of milk, mine full of coffee. He’s silly, but it’s hard to get a laugh out of him. You’ve got to work for it. I don’t think he’s going to be one of those slapstick humor kind of guys. It needs to be witty, quick, surprising; and don’t expect him to laugh at the same thing more than twice.

Jack? Ridiculous. He is blowing our minds everyday with the new things he is saying and doing. Two going on seven. Whaa??

Other news would include a job promo for Tim, our WDW vacation 2012 getting so close we’re positively giddy, our house is off of the market, talks of baby #3 and when and what that will look like for our family, and if can you believe it, in four months I will be planning a one-year-old birthday party again!

So all that to say, I have nothing to say and make no promises about the future. But I would like to say how humbled I am that my daily views have stayed constant through my leave and by the responses and messages saying that you’ve missed me.

Who has two thumbs and feels loved and blessed beyond anything she deserves?

Yeah, you guessed it.

With love, Malorie



One thought on “Well Hello There

  1. Yay! I have been reading your blog for over a year now and have totally been missing your fun, Disney family! (Which totally makes me sound like a stalker.) So glad you’re back and doing great!

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