Shh! Here Comes Cole the Scaredy Cat

Want to know a little secret?

Cole is not the permanently smiley baby that my pictures make him out to be.


Grant it, he is a very happy baby. Even more smiley and content than Jack was, which is saying a lot. However, Cole is what you would call a scaredy cat. He has a tender heart and a jumpy disposition that can be rumpled at the drop of a hat. Literally. Have you ever stopped to think about how scary dropping hats can be? Here is a running list of things that Cole is afraid of:


loud noises

swimming pools

blocks being dumped into the floor

running water

Jack’s singing Santa toy (which, okay, I’ll give him a free pass on that one…)

You get the idea. I try to be sympathetic, but Jack was, and is, an unusually brave child. Nothing really shakes him. He rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in WDW at 15 months, and the pitch black plunge did nothing to him but raise his heartbeat a bit. I could feel his little heart thumping in his chest as I held him in my lap, but he never made a squeak and his thumb never left his mouth. When he falls, he gets back up. When he’s scared, his eyes will get as big as tennis balls, but he’ll look to Tim and I for our reaction, and if we are good, he’s good. So to have a child that is so fragile of spirit is a new thing for me. I have seriously started praying over him. “Please Lord, take his spirit of fear and replace it with one of power, love, and a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV) I believe in the power of praying the word over my children. God gives us a peace that transcends all understanding (Phillippians 4:7) and God gave us these…for $14.99 on Amazon.

You see, Tim and I are slightly stressed about Cole’s experience in WDW this year. Is he going to freak out at the sight of a 5ft Mickey Mouse? Is the hustle and bustle of a park going to overwhelm him? Is he going to completely lose his mind during parades and firework displays?

Being the problem solver that he is, Tim hit the forums. Several families recommended these noise cancelling headsets for kids. They said that their babies were able to nap easier in the stroller while in the parks, and that they helped take out the loud noise factor during firework displays. Genius, right?

Cole obviously loves them.

Shall we add this to the list of things that scare him?

On the other hand, Jack really does love them! No sarcasm needed.

We’ve all taken our turn wearing them, at which Cole smiles and giggles. They really do work, too! Everything sounds very muffled, except for, of course, the sound of your own swallowing or voice, which I’m sure made Cole love them even more, as his scream was amplified in his own ears. Joy. I’m really hoping he warms up to them in the coming weeks before our trip. I plan to let him play with them on his own terms for a while. Hold them, chew on them, form a friendship; because we are really relying on that friendship for happy hearts all around on our vacation.

So lets raise our sippy cups to happy hearts and quiet fun; the true definition of a baby’s vacation.

With love, Malorie

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