Jack’s Maps

We Elrods take pride in the fact that we don’t need park maps when we enter a WDW park. We know where everything is, down to the nearest restroom.

Sad. I know.

Having a park map in hand is never a priority for us, but this year, with Disney’s new customizable park maps, we decided to make Jack his very own set, to get him more excited about our trip. (As if daily dances around the house weren’t enough to get a 2-year-old excited.)

As expected, he loves them.

We’ve showed him where we will enter each park, where the shows and attractions are that he will get to experience, where we are going to eat lunch, etc. So fun. I can’t wait to see his reaction when we walk in and he can see all of these things for himself. I’m not sure if he actually remembers going last year, or if he’s just recalling things because of the picture we show him.

Wow. We Elrods are really good at this Disney brainwashing business, huh?

Kinda scary.

With love, Malorie

Oh and P.S. It’s September 1st! Happy September! Where has 2012 gone?? It’s a big month for us. Our 5 year wedding anniversary, our WDW trip, and Cole turns 9 months! Hooray!

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