Mrs. Mug Hates to Sew

Disclaimer: Sewing is not my spiritual gift.

I took up sewing for the first time in high school. I made a book bag, a t-shirt, and a few other odds and ends, but the perfectionist in me brought out the worst in me, and I often got in fist fights with the sewing machine.

Have you ever watched Andy Stanley’s message with Mr. and Mrs. Mug from his Staying in Love series? If not, you should watch that whole series, but my point is

me + sewing machine = pink beads everywhere

However, this past weekend, my mother convinced me that I needed to give sewing another go and make fall slipcovers for the throw pillows in my living room. My mom is very talented at sewing, so she showed me the easiest method to use.

Sooo…whadaya think?

You likey? Me likey. Yay! We likey!

And the good news? I kept all of my pink beads inside the mug this time!

We picked out the fabric at Hobby Lobby. I figured I could use the chevron pattern year round. That pillow had stains on it, anyhow, from what we like to call a Jack Jack Attack. I like that I can take the cover off and wash it, if necessary. The other fabric has vintage Halloween postcard prints all over it. Although the print may be considered a little “Grandma” to most, I kind of liked it. So there’s that.

Happy Halloween!…I mean, uh…it’s only September. Happy Wednesday, then. I’ll save my Halloween salutations for later.

With love, Malorie

One thought on “Mrs. Mug Hates to Sew

  1. Ugh! If you get a comment from me twice, I apologize! My computer is acting up…

    Hey Malorie!

    I was really happy to see your comment on my blog the other day! I hope things are going well for you guys 😀

    Sewing is NOT my spiritual gift either! There have been many moments of verbal abuse between me and my sewing machine. Poor thing! But at least I can say I finished my recent sewing projects, I don’t do many of them (see verbal abuse comment) but when I do, I’m proud of myself for not flinging the thing out the window!

    I love those slipcovers! The fabric is wonderful. Halloween is just around the corner!

    Happy Thursday,

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