Who Wants S’more?

We’ve scored another money-saving find for our Disney trip!

Remember how I said we were going to the Campfire Sing-Along at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds? Remember how I said that you could buy a s’mores kit from them or bring your own?

Well, we found our own. At SAM’s club. For around $5, you can get this whole box that has all the fixins to make 36 s’mores!

Y’all. That’s under 14 cents a s’more!


I’d say that’s a good find, wouldn’t you? Campfire Sing-Along, here we come!…with enough s’mores to share. Who’s in?

With love, Malorie

2 thoughts on “Who Wants S’more?

  1. Wish I would have known about that.. I just went and bought all the things at Walmart for more than that… I was craving them and Dakota is in love them!!! I know ya’ll are going to have a BLAST at the Campfire!!

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