Good Buy and a Big Boy

Found another Disney deal!

Yes, that $3 sticker is correct. On an unopened Blu-ray/DVD version of The Nightmare Before Christmas! Thanks, Nylsa, for letting us know about your apartment complex’s yard sale! We also scored on some cute button down shirts and a rain jacket for Jack. Whoop!

It seems like the closer we get to our trip, the more Disney deals we score. Am I sensing some Disney Magic in the air??

Oh, and I’m just getting a chance to upload these photos, but look at what Cole was doing when we went to get him from his first nap last Saturday!

Oh my! Time for us to lower the crib! Big boy!!

Welp. Hope you’re having a happy Wednesday. I’ll leave you with an amazingly terrible picture of myself, trying to be silly upon finding Cole pulled up in his bed…

Yeah…I’ll let you marinate on that one for a while.


With love, Malorie

4 thoughts on “Good Buy and a Big Boy

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and this is officially my first comment. 🙂 Anywho, just wanted to share a little Disney deal I found yesterday at Target that I was particularly excited about it. It’s a long sleeve hooded tee, with ears on the hood, and has a picture of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan and reads “I don’t want to grow up.” It was on clearance for $7.50, and though I mostly save our clothing purchases for the big semi-annual consignment sales around town, I just had to snag this shirt up for our 2 year old. Love your blog and hope you guys have a wonderful trip!

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