Here’s What We Think: Be Our Guest Alcohol Debate

Walt Disney wanted to create a place where parents and children, alike, could have fun spending a day together. That dream became Disneyland and later, the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World Resort. In keeping with that vision, he made it known that no alcohol would be sold in his park. However, the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom’s new Fantasyland expansion just announced that wine and beer will be on the menu.

Many are unhappy with this announcement, claiming it is not keeping with the original vision and desires of the man behind the mouse. Others are excited about the news and believe it adds authenticity to the French dining experience and makes the feeling a bit more upscale.

My feelings? Eh. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Is my family comprised of wine and beer drinkers? No. However, I don’t believe that selling alcohol in an upscale, table-service restaurant is going to affect clientele, or encourage an onslaught of drunkards stumbling around Fantasyland, looking for the nearest restroom. For me, the only ping of regret I have is at the thought of Walt’s opinion. But being the entrepreneurial mind that he was, and possessing the desire for his guests to be fully immersed in the worlds he had created, I don’t know that he would not have stretched his own rules for this type of matter.

The only other concern that I have, is one that has been vocalized already by other Disney goers. Will Gaston’s Tavern, a neighboring counter-service restaurant, eventually serve alcohol as well? After all, Gaston was quite the drinker, himself, and there is a statue of him in the fountain in front of the tavern, depicting him flexing those (literally!) bronzed muscles around leaking kegs of beer.

{photo: Disney Food Blog}

Having a place where people could walk up and get a beer to carry around Fantasyland does seem counter-productive in creating a fairytale family atmosphere, so I am hoping that Disney is wise enough to keep the alcohol in elegant stemware sitting prettily on fine French tablecloths, instead of plastic cups, being spilled on toddlers by crammed guests in line for Peter Pan. So far Gaston’s Tavern has announced serving only LeFou’s Brew, a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, then topped with an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam.

{photo: Facebook LeFou’s Brew, sold in souvenir cups at Gaston’s Tavern}

Yum! Excited to try that.

So what’s your opinion? Big deal? Or much ado about nothing?

With love, Malorie

2 thoughts on “Here’s What We Think: Be Our Guest Alcohol Debate

  1. I’m with you, somewhere in the middle. It makes sense to offer this in an upscale dining facility. But I also realistically see this as a test that eventually will lead to alcohol being served throughout the park. If they can keep the alcohol to the table service dining locations, and avoid selling beer at vending carts, I don’t see an issue.

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