Moms Panel and a Little Fun Facts ‘n Trivia Friday

I applied for Walt Disney World’s Moms Panel!

I have wanted to apply for years, but our WDW vacations always occured on the week of applications, and until this year, there was never Wifi in the rooms for me to get online and apply.

{Yes! Fun Fact Friday: Now WDW Resorts offer free in-room Wifi, not to mention free internet connection in their parks and Downtown Disney!}

Oh the irony, right? I can’t apply to be on WDW Moms Panel because I’m always in WDW! Well, thanks to my little sister’s school schedule, we booked our trip a week later this year. So I did it. I applied.

And I’m nervous. Super nervous.

And excited. Super excited.

And let me just say, this application was for no Disney-knowledge-wannabes! They asked some tough questions!

Who is Margaret Kerry? What are the names of Ariel’s sisters? Oh, and don’t forget the trick questions; Which of these is found at WDW: Big Thunder Railroad, Mickey’s Philharmonic, Space Mountain, Main Street Neon Parade.

But they can’t stump me! Just so happens that Peter Pan is my all-time favorite everything, so I totally knew that Margaret Kerry was Tinker Bell’s body model, and that Ginni Mack was her face model and both were present at this year’s Desination D event! I’ve also watched The Little Mermaid enough to know the lyrics to Daughters of Triton (who loved them and named them well…) Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana!

As for the trick question? Well all of those are alluding to an attraction at WDW, but Space Mountain is the only correct one. The others would be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Mickey’s Philharmagic, and the Main Street Electrical Parade! Tricky, tricky, tricky!!

Wow. There have been lots of little Fun Facts ‘n Trivia in here today! Welcome back Fridays!

So wish me luck, say a prayer, cross your fingers, think happy thoughts…all of those little things people like to do. Thanks!

With love, Malorie

3 thoughts on “Moms Panel and a Little Fun Facts ‘n Trivia Friday

  1. If anyone is qualified for the job, it’s you!! I wish you tons of luck, my fingers are crossed and I have happy thoughts whenever I think of you.!! No need to say “I love you”, you know it.

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