Hit the Road, Jack! Car Ride Tips for Toddlers

It’s Friday! Disney here we come!!

We are lucky enough to only live about 6-7 hours away from WDW, depending on how many potty breaks we have to take. However, 6-7 hours in the car with two kids can get a bit testy. Luckily (again!), we’ve figured out a few tricks to keeping our travelin’-toddler smiling. Here are

Jack’s Top 5 Favorite Things To Do on a Long Car Ride

#5 – Cheerios Books

Sure, we may have Cheerios all in our floorboards when he’s done, but how is that different from any other day?

#4 – Coloring

Our friend, Hannah, made Jack this adorable bag for his birthday. Isn’t it the cutest? It’s fantastic for taking his coloring books and crayons on the go; and recently we’ve discovered the magnificence of Color Wonder markers. They only show up on Color Wonder paper! No mess! Genius or what? And oh so perfect for car ride coloring.

#3 – Imagination Movers Pandora Station

{photo: Imagination Movers}

Pro to Imagination Mover radio: Tim and I kind of like their music too. Shh..don’t tell. [singing to myself] No, no! Don’t eat all the cookie dough…

#2 – DVD’s

Oh thank you, Lord, for the blessing of our van with a built-in DVD player!

#1 – SNACKS!

I don’t know if it’s just our son, or if it’s a common thread between all toddler boys, but as long as Jack has a snack in his hand, there is a smile on his face. Thus, on long car rides, we bring along copious amounts of snacks.

“Oh, I know, baby. I’m tired of being in the car, too. Don’t cry, have a snack!”

Works like a charm. See you when we get back!!

With love, Malorie

3 thoughts on “Hit the Road, Jack! Car Ride Tips for Toddlers

  1. You have traveling down to an art. When your Dad and his brothers were growing up, all we heard was “How much farther?” We traveled a lot at night so they would sleep most of the way. Of course, we did not have a nice van with TV, so they would nestle together on the back seat. That was the good old days. And they were “good old days’!

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