Time Flies When You’re Growing Up Cole

So I got my script for next month’s KidStuf and it said Merry Christmas.

Y’all. When did the holidays get here?

Exactly one year ago they were asking me if they should write me out of the December script because I would be twenty days out from my due date and might pop, or worse, my water break on stage! And I play a teenager! “Ooops! Cammie had to…pee? A lot?”

{Heh. If we had only known then! I was really thirty days away from my due date!}

One year! My second baby boy is about to be a one-year-old! Am I that old??{This little outfit was my favorite on Jack and Cole as newborns! If we have a girl next, she may just have to wear it too. She can wear a blue bow on her head.}

I seriously think he skipped a couple of months.

I know I’ve skipped a couple of months in his month-by-month pictures, so here he was at nine months, and now at ten. In the past two months he has started eating more table foods {like steamed carrots and peas, gerber snacks, and yogurt}. He has also mastered pulling up, cruising, getting down from standing {which is always a happy feat. I hate when they just stand there crying like they are stuck. Sit down, honey child, just sit down!}, crawling on all fours, and he’s starting to balance flat-footed on his own without holding on.

He is so vocal! At this age, Jack was practically mute, but Cole will squeal and holler to communicate with you. I love when I ask him a question like, “You wanna take a bath?” {he loves bath time} and he’ll answer me with a, “Eah!” It so sounds like he is trying to say “yeah” and it cracks me up. In true boy fashion, he also loves to make raspberry {aka. farting} sounds and he can work a crowd with his fake cough.

Cole is also a Mama’s-boy! This took me by surprise because Jack was never that way. He never seemed to prefer one over the other when it came to Tim and I, but with Cole there are some nights when Tim is just “not allowed” to put him down. He will cry and cry in his bed until I come in there. And I won’t have to do much; just pick him up {he always lays his head on my shoulder and sucks his right hand, and wraps his left hand around my neck}, sing Jesus Loves Me, and put him back down. He’s fine then. He’ll lay down and close his eye like, “Yeah, that’s all I needed. Thanks, Mom.”

Silly boy. I’ve got to admit; it makes me feel loved.

And I am. I know that. I know it in the way Cole smiles when I go into his room each morning; I know it because Tim tells me all day long; and I know it because even Jack will wrap his little arms around my neck, plant a slobbery one right on my mouth and say, “I luh you, Mommy” at least once a day.

I am so, very, immeasurably blessed. I am overflowing. Thank you, Lord. I am eternally grateful.

With love, Malorie

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