Committing to the Ladder in the Corner

This post is for my small groupies; for all of the times last month when we were hosting and someone would ask, “So why do you have a ladder in your living room?”

“Well…” we would answer, “We are planning on getting a desktop computer and the only place to put it {because we have a tiny home} is over there. [motions over to the left-hand corner of our living room where a converted microwave stand now acts as a display table/bookshelf] We were thinking about turning the ladder into a bookshelf to house what will then be taken up by a computer. Mal {or I} just wanted to let the ladder live there for a bit to see if we would even like it, or if it would take up too much space.”

“Oh, okay.” [Newish friend walks away looking confused.]

Well, my newish small groupies! We Tim finally converted the old ladder into a bookshelf! I guess you can say we finally decided to commit to the ladder in the corner. Actually getting a new computer only had about 99.9% to with the sudden urge to complete our latest DIY.

Here she is. I love her! Tim did a fantastic job.I love that we did nothing to change the look of the old, hand-me-down ladder. I love the little half-shelf towards the bottom so we can store taller photo albums. I love that I can now have my small group over and they won’t look at me like I’m crazy when there is a ladder sitting in the corner week after week.

We committed. Little Miss Ladder is here to stay. And my influx in blogging has everything to do with Mr. iMac that now occupies the microwave stand.

Ahhh, me. I can hear Tim Gunn now…”Make it work!”

With love, Malorie

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