Pre-Disney Trip Report: A Christmas Surprise

So, another little tidbit that I left out in skipping Christmas is that Tim successfully surprised me with the best Christmas gift ever.IMG_7237I knew that it had to be a pretty good gift because he was so excited about it. He kept saying that he wanted to just tell me what it was, or asking if I would just open it now. But silly ol’ me, I love surprises, so I think my lack of curiosity drove him nuts. Then I would aggravate him further by saying things like, “I just know I’m going to love those socks you bought me.” or “I can’t wait to open up my new season of Gilmore Girls!”

IMG_7238Finally, Christmas morning came and I got to open Tim’s big surprise. Too light to be DVDs. Nothing rattling around in there, either.


First, I pulled out an envelope saying he had cashed in our rewards points for our Disney VISA. {And for those of you holding us accountable to our debt free living, the VISA is for Tim’s work purchases only. Being in production, and in the past, student ministries, you sometimes have to foot some hefty bills for the church that are immediately reimbursed…but by charging it to a Disney VISA, we reap all the benefits!} In the note he said something to the affect of, “Thought we could use these…”IMG_7243

Then I opened up the second envelope that said something like, “…when we go here.” Attached to that note were two one day WDW passes. IMG_7248The next envelope said “Here’s the plan” on the outside, and inside was this green sheet of paper.

What?! We leave on Thursday? This Thursday?”

“Yup! Just you and me!”

“Who’s keeping the boys?”

“My mom. I’ve got it all worked out.”

“She’s okay with that? Three days?!” I know what three days of keeping two boys two and under alone can do to a person.

“Yes. It’s all worked out.”

Cue tears. Crocodile tears. Bear hugs and crocodile tears.

Incase you couldn’t tell in the past, I’m obsessed with my husband. We are best friends, he gets me, and he is my favorite person to be with hands down. Ever since having kids, our time together has gotten spliced and diced into little bits here and there {which is life, I know that, and that’s okay} and we hadn’t had a couple of days of just the two of us alone since our honeymoon! The biggest thrill of this gift was not getting to go to WDW again {which, don’t get me wrong, was a huge plus}, but it was knowing that I was going to get two and a half days of just me and the man I love. His full attention. His full affection. Just us.

Needless to say, I was so. excited.

And just so you know, I did get some awesome socks in my stocking. As for season 3 of Gilmore Girls…I’ll try again next year.

With love, Malorie

To be continued…


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