Dost My Eyes Deceive Me?

Is that a peek of springtime I see?

What a lovely day! Nothing is more motivating than some sunshine and a warm breeze. I haven’t been spring cleaning per se; more like spring….organizing? Giving old things new homes and a good dusting on the way.  photo1
photoAnd that is after having a family Starbucks date this morning, looking at another house {yes, we are house hunting}, and playing on the playground and eating lunch at the Varsity food truck at our church for our student ministries’ My Life weekend. BFe06BYCUAEEVqNBFewD2ICQAIaBpxBFfc4MDCUAITFWyWe still have a Chick-dil-a dinner date with friends to go! I’d say it’s been a pretty good day, wouldn’t you?

Hope you are enjoying this sunny Saturday, as well! Happy Springtime! I hope it’s not a tease and that it’s really here to stay.

With love, Malorie

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