A Thankful Monday Ramble

Happy Monday.

Or is it? Do you get the Monday blues too? I typically get them when we have a busy weekend that flies by.

“Oh hello, Monday…it’s you again…”

But! Today {and everyday!} I am trying to be thankful. Because after all, life is a beautiful thing. Beautifully busy. Here’s a few things I’m thankful for:

– My family. I love the way we love each other.

– Music and sunshine. Nothing can turn my mood around like opening a window and listening to a happy song.

– Naptime. Because naptime is me time. Even if I am still folding laundry.

– Vacations and dreaming about vacations.

– The Lord. All good things flow from Him; and I have so many good things. It’s overwhelming.

Which leads me to a bit of a rant. I often find myself feeling guilty for all of the things the Lord blesses me with. Do you do this? Thinking to yourself, “I don’t deserve this!” or “Surely hard times are heading my way because things can’t possibly be this good for so long.” Or how about, “I hope the Lord knows how much I appreciate this blessing because I don’t want him to take it away from me.”

Well, I am certainly guilty of feeling guilty.

My husband teases me when I get in these moods. But a while back we were reading our devotion from Jesus Calling and it was saying how God’s children should not feel guilty about His lavishing blessings upon us. We should accept them with a thankful heart, without fear or worry that tomorrow would be any different. That’s a foundation for trust; thankfulness and acceptance for what you have or where you are, without fear or worry.

So today I’m feeling guiltlessly thankful.

No guilt in life, No fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me 
From life’s first cry, To final breath  
Jesus commands my destiny


What are you thankful for today?

With love, Malorie

2 thoughts on “A Thankful Monday Ramble

  1. I am thankful for you! …and your wonderful message you sent to me! As the Lord continues to bless us, we will continue to bless you…with hand-me-overs! We have been blessed much and have a lot to share and we love knowing the boys can use all of it. I will leave packages at Grandma’s house soon! Love you all.

    • I should go and visit Aunt V and pick up all those blessings she has for your boys! She is always so gracious in packing up her nice gifts and bringing them out of her way to my house. I feel guilty. Aunt V you are a true blessing! Thank you for this reflecting post, Malorie……

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