That Baby Bomb

So last Friday we dropped this photo bomb on Twitter and Facebook.BeFunky_BABY_2.jpgWee! Number three!

Or yippee…as the picture says…

Either way, we are super excited. We have been planning on moving the family count up to big number five for a while now, but of course it’s the Lord’s humor to give us another December baby.

Tell the Lord what you don’t want because it would just be an “inconvenience” during a busy time. He’ll lovingly help you put your foot straight into your mouth. Well, that’s what he did for us…but you know what? We couldn’t be more thrilled. Our Christmas baby turned into a New Years baby a year and a half ago, so he’s giving us another chance.

Tim’s excited, Jack’s ecstatic {every morning he crawls in bed next to me and pats my tummy, “Oh how your baby doing today?” I. Melt.}, and Cole has no idea.

And me?

Well, I’m nauseous. And tired.

Tim and I had this other clever little plan. “Hey, since it’s our third, and people don’t really get excited about your third, they just ask you if you’re gonna become the Duggars, how about we just wait to tell anyone until we find out the sex?”

See that would have been easy had it been a pregnancy like Jack’s or Cole’s. I never got sick and if I wore a loose-fitting shirt, I could have hidden that widdle baby bump, easy!

Another way the Lord can foil the plans of the ones who think they’re so clever.

“Mal, are you okay?”

“Yeah! Sure! I’m fine!”

“Really? Because you’re green. Aaaaand I could probably take a nap on the hammocks of skin hanging below your eyes. Are you tired?”

“Fine! I’m pregnant!”

It would have never worked.

So here I am, in my first trimester of my third pregnancy, telling you all about it. Ta-da!

Some would say, and have already said, that those symptoms must mean that it’s a girl. To which I say, “Ha!” My mommy instincts tell me this baby is very much a boy. Bouncing baby boy number three.

My Three Sons.

Maybe my life should be a sitcom.

With love, Malorie



5 thoughts on “That Baby Bomb

  1. MeMama says (from experience), three sons are wonderful, loving and fun (and sometimes a handful). They can give you loving daughters-in-law and lots of the biggest joy in life – grandchildren and great grandchildren. Of course, if I had had a daughter, I would say the same thing. Thank you, God, for my three sons and the many blessings they have given me.

  2. Congrats! Of course I already knew…a little bird told me.:) Mickey is an excellent name don’t you think for a little boy? or Daisy for a girl . The options are endless!

    • Thank you, Aunt V! And I love the Disney name ideas…I’m sure we can work something in there somehow. πŸ˜‰

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