{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Resorts and Relaxation

This week’s theme over at Focused on the Magic is Resorts & Relaxation. [Big sigh] This is my favorite one yet! My oh my, how we love to just kick it at the resorts. Definitely one of the perks of staying in a nicer resort is the freedom to feel like you don’t have to “go, go, go” all of the time. And personally, I believe that people haven’t experienced Disney the right way until they have stopped to take advantage of the plethora of things WDW has to offer outside of the parks. From the poolside bingo and trivia games at the value resorts to the surrey and bike rentals at the deluxe resorts, they all have something fun to offer on your lazy days at the Happiest Place on Earth.DSCF0945 190161_197037676984850_4542823_nDSCF1133 195915_197037830318168_1776177_nIMG_1616Don’t forget to hop along to other Wordless Wednesday posts, leaving love and pixie dust behind you!

With love, Malorie


Focused on the Magic

14 thoughts on “{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Resorts and Relaxation

  1. My how time flies….. So glad we have so many memories and pics of our past trips to the Happiest Place on Earth…..

    • Me too, Mom. I bet people wouldn’t have guessed those hot pair of legs at the All-Stars are my mom’s!

      • Ha ha! I thought they were your legs! We’ll have to compare them this year next to the Wilderness Lodge pool !!!

  2. Any time by a pool is relaxing in my opinion! 🙂 Just difficult when you’re at Disney! We always want to be at the parks or eating somewhere! Great photos! Makes me want to find a hammock here but it’s not warm enough yet

  3. These great shots make me want to hit the nearest beach, pool or hammock and relax. I admit I haven’t learned to relax at a Disney resort because we’ve only stayed at other hotels to sleep and spent the majority of the time at the parks. Love the hammock picture and your daughter at the pool.

  4. Great pictures! I can’t wait! Only 5 more sleeps and I’ll be taking a dip and relaxing in a hammock ..in between racing around the park of course;) Thanks so much for sharing and getting me all excited about our next trip!

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