Revisiting the Reason: Why Disney?

Hey there! Lots going on this weekend! So many updates and un-updates in the housing market, but I won’t go into those right now. It’s too exhausting. And a little emotional. I’ll just say that we think we’re officially handing off our Crooked Little House to a new owner. Sniff sniff, for a bit of sadness, and a big sigh of relief that one half of the house hunting puzzle is complete.

Being that we are probably about to move out of a house that we have lived in for the past four and a half years and brought both of our boys home to from the hospital, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic about the memories we’ve made here. It makes you think all the way back to the beginning, to those fluttery feelings of excitement as you purchase your very first house.

I think that looking back to the beginning and remembering where you came from is always a good thing. I started this blog almost three years ago. Since then I have answered many questions, given lots of advice and recommendations, blogged about our trips, and even recently started adding in posts about our personal, non-Disney biz-nazz, as well. Today, I would like to re-post my very first entry to Elrods Go Disney. Today, as Tim and I revisit the memories that this Crooked Little House holds, we’d also like to revisit the reason we started this blog. And I do mean we. Yes, I do the writing, but Tim is my fount of Disney knowledge. He is usually the first to know, then he passes the information on to me so that I can share it with you!

So here you go:

Why Disney?

Welp. I have always wanted to give this blogging thing a go, but just never got around to it. I never knew what in the world I would want to blog about. I definitely did not want to have one of those inwardly pensive blogs that would honestly be better kept locked up tight inside of a personal journal and then burned upon death. You know the type. Those blogs that are filled with the abstract thoughts of the blogger, polka-dotted with big words you feel compelled to look up in Websters Dictionary, and that leave you feeling confused, shallow, and thinking that the composer of all this is slightly mad and might need medication. I also am not the type to have the home improvement/fashionista blogs. I enjoy those things on some level, but thinking about writing about them in some new and creative way, which you inevitably must do to be successful at it, stresses me out. A spiritually inspiring blog? No…that is incredibly personal to me, and I am definitely not fit to preach a sermon…

Then it hit me.

It hit me smack in the face while I was on vacation.

Why not a Disney blog??

Main Street USA, 2010

After all, everyone that knows me and my family even the tiniest bit knows that we are Disney obsessed. We go at least once a year and dream about going the rest of the year. I tend to get a Facebook message once every few months from friends or acquaintances who have never gone before or are going for the first time in a long time asking for advice. So why not start a blog to share all of that? I can chronicle my fun family holidays, along with offering up advice and some inside Disney secrets!

“Yeah!” I thought to myself, “That’s what I’ll do!”

So with the support of my husband, Tim (he may make a few blogger post appearances) I am starting this blog today. Elrods Go Disney. And to jump right in I would like to tell you why.

So many people ask us….WHY DISNEY??

WHY year after year, sometimes several times a year, do you repeatedly go to Walt Disney World for vacation? Don’t you want to go other places? See new things?

Well, honestly…no. The hard cold fact is that we love going to Walt Disney World because it is simply the best and most memorable family vacation that we could take at the price that we pay. We never run out of things to do (I have been more times than I can count and STILL have not done everything Walt Disney World has to offer) and we know that the quality of our vacation is never going to be questioned. In my humble opinion, Disney has by far the cleanest facilities, nicest employees, and most enjoyable attractions around. When we plan a Disney vacation, we KNOW we are going to have nice accommodations, no matter what price point we stay at on property, great food, first class treatment from the Disney cast members (aka. Disney employees), and something fun to do for everyone in whole the family.

We love Walt Disney World. It is our home away from home…and that is why the Elrods go Disney!


With love, Malorie


2 thoughts on “Revisiting the Reason: Why Disney?

  1. Always enjoy your blogs. That house is so pretty and nice. You have may so many improvements in it. I hope whoever buys it will take as good care of it as you have. Your Crooked Little House will always have a special place in your heart — just like your new one will when you make it home.

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