Three Years with Jack

I can’t believe that our little Jack Jack is not so little anymore. Today, he turns three!Collage

He’s tall.

He’s smart.

And he’s busting at the seams with all the joy, energy, and temper tantrums of most three-year-olds.

Everyday he does something else that makes Tim and I look at each other and wonder how we got here. What did we do to deserve the amazing blessing and privilege of getting to parent such a cool kid. Our kid. Our big boy. Our first of now three!IMG_7948IMG_7964IMG_7962

We love you, Jack Hatcher. More than words could possibly say.

With love, Mom

P.S. Just wanted to share with you a cute little photo-bomber we had. I guess he wanted to get back at big brother for crouchin’ in on all those month-by-month baby shoots I’d do for him. Collage2And the fingers in the mouth thing? He was trying to make Jack’s infamous “funny face”.1017317_10151660270625630_640467941_n Making fun of his big brother…that’s my Cole. 18 months is just around the river bend!

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