Fun Things You Find

When moving from one house to another you find some pretty fun interesting things. Here are some fun interesting things I’ve found.375579_10151648797080630_1960372779_n

I’ve found…that we have a lot of stuff. Like. A lot. You wouldn’t have guessed it because we are good at organizing it all, but really, this house is like a bad clown car. The stuff just keeps on coming. We’ve already made one trip the the Goodwill. I’m sure there will be another.

I’ve found…what once was lost. Like a toy drumstick in a box of infant clothing that has been sealed up for maybe a year or more. Missing puzzle pieces that I contemplated throwing out the whole puzzle because we could never find them. Single socks. And food. Old, dried, gross food. Like a leftover bite of a waffle under Jack’s bed {explain that one to me, please}, a box-worth of Cheerios in and under the couch, and mysterious, unidentifiable crumbs under dressers and at the bottom of toy baskets.

I’ve found…bugs. Mostly spiders. Tim said it’s kind of like deer during construction, they have no where to go. I said what in the world were we paying our pest control guy for? Spiders and ants. Ugh! This house was built on an ant bed and surrounded by trees. I swear Aragog’s army now lives in the backyard of this house. BM6cWvhCMAE8Vjs

I’ve found…that I’m a sentimental schmuck. Rose pedals from roses Tim gave me on our fifth anniversary, a deflated mylar balloon from our first anniversary, every scribbled picture Jack ever brought home from church, banners hung at Cole’s first birthday party… In our new house I’m planning on saving one of these big moving boxes and starting a “Mush Box” so I can keep all of this junk in one place instead of stuffed in different drawers or under my side of the bed. Because no, I’m not planning on getting rid of it or getting help for my disorder. I have other disorders that are probably of higher priority to heal.

I’ve found…that I am truly blessed. I already knew that. But packing up our house {we actually have a house to pack up to start with!} and physically seeing all that the Lord has blessed us with, provided us with, and knowing that He is blessing us with even more, is insane. Sometimes I feel so unworthy. And guilty {don’t let Tim hear me say that}. But also thankful. Always thankful.4994_10151652778715630_161019105_n

I think packing up the whole house is a good thing to do every now and then; reminds me of Bill Engvall’s Here’s Your Sign song {Oh, you know you loved 90’s country music, too. C’mon, Atlanta, Moby in the Morning was where it was at!}. Maybe not just to figure out how many boxes it takes, but to remember how blessed we all are…and to clean out all of the old waffles your toddler might have hidden away for later…[Gag]

With love, Malorie

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