Home Sweet Home on Indiana Ave.

Because when you live on Indiana Ave. in the “Monopoly neighborhood”…IMG_8398_2…you should definitely have a framed property playing card in your house of your street name. IMG_8401_2 I wonder, how many of our neighbors have done the very same thing?

IMG_8403_2{We need more chairs for the formal dining room in this house!}

And for all of those curious, our neighborhood is not fully built-out yet, so Boardwalk is still an empty, wooded street. Who will eventually own on Boardwalk? Any takers?

Moving has gone well. We are starting to feel a little more settled, but there are still many boxes to be unpacked; mostly pictures and miscellaneous items that need to find a new place. Man, we had a lot of stuff packed in that Crooked Little House! {By the way: Looking for a new name for this house. The old one won’t work because this house is neither crooked nor little. Stay tuned to see what I cook up.}

As for us Elrods, we are working hard to find our new normal in our new home, and we are looking forward to our next WDW trip! Less than two months to go!

With love, Malorie

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home on Indiana Ave.

  1. You beat me to the punch! Glad you framed the “Indiana Ave” card…. and the little house along with it, but isn’t that a hotel? Your new house feels like a resort hotel! How about….. Welcome to the Elrod resort home!

    • I didn’t like the green color of the house…so I went with the hotel. You weren’t supposed to say anything! 😉

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