A Girl Parade

Oh hey there, long lost Disney blog! I can’t wait until I don’t have toddlers literally in my hair 24/7 and we can be consistent friends again…but that’s gonna be a while…

Because unless you live on the underside of a rock, you probably know we are expecting our third. Yes, we will have three kids three and under.

It’s okay, we know we’re crazy. We kinda like crazy. 

But just incase you do live on the underside of a rock, but you still somehow manage to get internet and cable {it must be Nulink, because we don’t live that far in the boonies, yet we don’t get Charter or Comcast}, I’d like you letcha in on the Elrod’s official baby #3 announcement…PicMonkey Collage Yup! Baby #3 is a girl! A Lorelai to be exact. Lorelai Noel, since she’ll be coming just before {but hopefully not on!} Christmas. 

We are super stoked. I get ridiculously giddy when I think about all the princess stuff I will get to do and buy in WDW now. Weee! 

Pink! Purple! Princess! Barbie! Let’s have a girl parade! I’ve got plenty of confetti left over from yesterday to make it a party.

Who’s in?

WIth love, Malorie

2 thoughts on “A Girl Parade

  1. I’m in !!!! Can’t wait for her 1st trip to Disney! And princess pajamas! And I’ll french braid her hair in two ponies! The list goes on and on!

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