Trip Report: 2013 WDW Itinerary

I finally finished this year’s itinerary!

Usually I hand draw them, which is fun, but it is also time consuming. This year, I chose to go a quicker route since Mommytime is something I see very little of. Nevertheless, I am pleased. I like having our pictures from past trips on it, anyway.


I used a combination of Preview and the online editor Pic Monkey to help me.

We are officially a month out! So excited! Guess that means I need to start thinking ahead to that packing list…

With love, Malorie

6 thoughts on “Trip Report: 2013 WDW Itinerary

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  2. That’s an awesome itinerary! I’ve never thought of creating a picture itinerary like that so my kids know what to expect on every day of a trip. It would be a perfect keepsake, too. Great idea!

    • Good question! Animal Kingdom is just our least favorite park, and we find that it has the least to do for our kiddos at their current ages. The things that bring them the most joy there are the Finding Nemo and Lion King shows. There are a couple rides they can ride in Dinoland USA, and the safari {but I can’t ride that since I’m pregnant again}, so for us, it wasn’t worth the trip over there this time.

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